Why is the government mandating digital tv speed dating in montreal quebec

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Why is the government mandating digital tv

According to "Consumer Reports" magazine, many people can receive digital television channels without needing a special antenna or cable box.The federal government has implemented a series of laws regarding television manufacturing since 2005 that have mandated that certain kinds of televisions come equipped to receive digital programming over-the-air without the need for special equipment.Look for the words "Digital Tuner," "DTV Tuner," "HDTV Tuner," or "Digital Receiver." The US government has required that all televisions shipped into or within the United States after March 1st, 2007 must contain a digital tuner.But what about old models hanging around on store shelves? Find out what the switch to digital television broadcasting means to you...

According to DTV.gov, the federal government's information website regarding digital television, all television broadcasters switched to full digital broadcasts from analog as of June 12, 2009.

Digital TV promises viewers better-quality pictures and sound.

The switch also frees up valuable room on the electromagnetic spectrum for wireless communications, including emergency transmissions.

After years of delays, the nation's full-power television stations are facing a deadline of Feb.

17, 2009, to switch from traditional analog broadcasting to all-digital.

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This anti-government phenomenon is found primarily in the United States, likely due to Americans' extensive experience with dysfunctional government, coupled with their unawareness of the existence of other countries.