Justin beiber dating

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Justin beiber dating

If anything, she was laying down all the good gossip for Bieber, who definitely skipped out so as to not have a slew of ex-girlfriends all in the same room.

I just logged on to Twitter dot com only to be informed by TMZ that apparently Justin Bieber is dating Hailee Steinfeld.This news shocked and offended me as this is the Worst Millennial Dating Rumor of All Time.But the strangest part of the TMZ story is that the headline is written as if it's a fact: Justin Bieber Dating Hailee Steinfeld.(no shade, but I mean, he wouldn't).There, I was met with my first piece of evidence that Bieber and Steinfeld were, if anything, just friends through crossing paths (both career-wise and faith-wise, as they both attend Hillsong church). According to TMZ, Bieber and Steinfeld met up after the Met Gala, which Steinfeld attended alone, and Bieber did not.Here, we see proof that the two did encounter each other post-Gala, but nothing about this says "relationship" to me.

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By a stroke of luck, talent manager Scooter Braun discovered these homemade videos and was impressed.

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