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Who is al murray dating

A friend gave me this Action Man-style Monty doll and I’ve taken him all round the world and photographed him at various landmarks.

The nation's critically acclaimed bar-based-braveheart, Al Murray - The Pub Landlord embarks on a common sense campaign to re-Great Britain in his brand new show.

Afterwards he said, ‘You were great on the tubs tonight, mate! As my comedy character the Pub Landlord I stood as a Free United Kingdom Party candidate in South Thanet at the last General Election.

I was up against UKIP leader Nigel Farage, and this is a cartoon of me, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage that was on the cover of The Spectator.

Watch the one man who isn't afraid to say no to women ordering anything other than a glass of white wine (or fruit based drink).

Watch the one man who will call time on tyranny even though he isn't quite sure what it means.

My favourite drummer is Phil Collins and I once played with him on a show.

Alastair James Hay "Al" Murray (born ), is an English comedian and TV personality well known for his stand-up persona and quick repartee.

His best-known character is "The Pub Landlord", a xenophobic publican.

’ He came second and I was sixth, but it was incredibly exciting.

I’m particularly interested in Field Marshal Montgomery, who’s an unfashionable figure but I think he was a better general than he’s usually portrayed.

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The gathering storm of fortnightly bin collections? Watch the one man who will answer the call of destiny even though it's an unlisted number.

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