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Dating show of love

“Love Connection” has been pulled out of the dumpster and relaunched on Fox.“Bachelor” creator Mike Fleiss is responsible for bringing back this ’80s/’90s dating show, which sends a single person on three blind dates and then asks them to pick one for a second date.

Dating tv shows are nothing new, but they're nearly always entertaining.

One bachelor griped that a date ate four out of his five meatballs at dinner and was “a little bigger than I’m used to,” which prompted her to declare with great fabulosity: “You wish you could touch this!

” A guy with a man bun took his date to an “escape room” and when she was kicked out for using her phone, he stayed in the room rather than leave with her.

The dater and the three dates rate each other on physical appearance!

The studio audience picks a favorite of the three dates, just like in the original show, only now there’s a catch: If the audience and dater choose differently, the dater can either a) dump his or her favorite, go with the audience pick and win ,000 or b) stick with the favorite and get no cash.

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“Real Housewives” producer Andy Cohen is the host, striving to be as smarmy as inhumanly possible (he asks if a kiss was “nice tongue or darty tongue”).

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