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But once you get past the creep factor of a young dude dating his good friend’s divorcee mother, they actually had a sort of sweet relationship, right? Psycho Derek and Nanny Carrie I know these two were never a couple. But as arguably the most psychotic characters to ever grace Tree Hill (besides maybe Clay’s crazy ex), I can’t help but think they ended up together.

I imagine their dates involve insane crime-sprees followed by lots of angry hate sex in sketchy motels. Karen and Keith Yeah, their relationship was pretty vanilla and adult-y. But SPOILER ALERT Keith’s death was absolutely tragic, especially because things were finally starting to work out for him.

And this was before it was on Netflix, just saying.

To celebrate this monumental anniversary, I compiled a list of the most important OTPs that came out of Tree Hill, North Carolina.

Because everyone dated everyone it would be near-impossible to chronicle every relationship (and besides, who wants to remember Brooke and Felix – gross), but I’ve done my best to feature my favorites, and hopefully some fan favorites as well.

Deb and Skills Of all the crazy relationships that happened on OTH over the years, these two getting together is pretty high on the list (along with Dan and Rachel).

More than nine years of friendship meant more than two years of a boy to her.Along with the on and off relationship with Lucas Scott, there was also Felix, high school teacher Nick, Chase Adams, and Chris Keller. Although these heartbreaks caused months of confusion and doubt, it was Brooke's chance to find her self-worth.These boys turned her into a work in progress and matured her into a woman.Not only did it impart a boatload of timeless wisdom, the show was a veritable factory of swoon-worthy romances.In the first season alone, the show kicked off three epic ‘ships that command devoted fandoms to this day.

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