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Before online dating, there were dating agencies where an actual real-life human person would sift through piles of profiles by hand in the hope of matching a pair for life. Now a new free dating app aims to reconcile that concept with technology by having experts hand-pick matches and send one direct to a user's phone or tablet every 24 hours.Adhering to the idea of quality over quantity, the Once app aims to cater to those tired of swiping a constant stream of selfies or dissatisfied with automatic matches generated by websites.” “After two weeks, we moved them into their on show enclosure; they have both settled well and we are delighted with the outcome. Hopefully Sof and Sidione will continue to warm to each other too and it will not be too long before Drusillas Park welcomes another addition to this topsy-turvy family at the zoo.Our maintenance department are even going to build them a big nest box so they can both snuggle up in it together – love in a box!

For the first few days, the pair were kept separate but they were able to see and smell each other.Sof and Sidone, the Linne’s two-toed sloths, were introduced at the award winning zoo last month as part of a European breeding programme and Cupid’s arrow appears right on track, albeit slightly sluggish in reaching its target.Zoo Manager, Sue Woodgate commented: “We have been looking for a suitable mate for Sof for a while and were delighted when Sidone arrived from Bristol Zoo in time for Valentine’s Day.Please note, the cost of this event has changed due to the change in venue. It’s going to be soignée, fun, unhurried and intimate.Rifle though your wardrobe for your finest, roaring twenties glad rags, and prepare to meet your match and make wonderful new friends.

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I then decided to bring this concept to Europe and the UK with Once.” He added: “People are fed up with having to just sit and swipe through hundreds of people in the hope that they might find one person who they like and then start a conversation with.