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In a normal eye (without presbyopia or cataracts), this dynamic process of accommodation adjusts the focusing power of the eye by changing the thickness of the eye's natural lens.When the ciliary muscle is relaxed, the lens flattens to enable clear distance vision.Novartis, through its Alcon eye-care division, intends to start clinical trials of an accommodative Google “smart” contact lens in human eyes next year, Novartis Chief Executive Joe Jimenez told the Swiss French-language newspaper Le Temps last week.“This project is progressing well,” Jimenez told Le Temps reporter Willy Boder.This is why they are classified as "accommodating IOLs." Both lenses are manufactured and distributed by Bausch Lomb.Accommodation is made possible by the lens inside the eye and the circular muscle that surrounds the lens, called the ciliary muscle.“The three key ingredients are: one, it’s a huge problem that affects millions of people; the second key ingredient is that the solution is a radical solution that may seem like science fiction at the outset, like the driverless care; but the third key ingredient is breakthrough technology that we can actually apply to turn that science fiction into something that’s real.” A goal of Google[x] innovators is to essentially make their innovations fail.“The smart contact lens project, we’ve been trying to make it fail for just over three years now and it’s still running strong,” Otis said.

∥ Ophthalmol CHN.-2000.9(5).-269~273(Department of Ophthalmology, Beijing Hospital, Beijing 100730); Observation on one-piece hydroview foldable IOL implantation[J]; OPHTHALMOLOGY IN CHINA;2000-05CHEN Tong, GAO Yan, LIU Xiang-li, CHEN Gang, LIN Guang-jie.

Patients were examined 7, 30, 90, and 180 days after surgery.

Postoperatively, both groups had excellent uncorrected distance acuity, best corrected distance acuity, and best corrected near acuity.

It is a precondition attached to each project.” The smart lens technology involves non-invasive sensors, microchips and other miniaturized electronics that are embedded within contact lenses.

Novartis’ interest in this technology focuses in two areas: At the sixth annual Ophthalmology Innovation Summit @ AAO last year, Brian Otis, Ph D, project Co-Founder of Google[x], the unit now known as Google Life Sciences, explained that the smart contact lens meets all requirements of a Google[x] project.

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In the study group, the mean distance corrected near acuity (Jaeger) was 5.43 ± 0.98 (SD) (range 4 to 7) at 7 days, 2.33 ± 0.48 (range 2 to 3) at 1 and 3 months, and 3.66 ± 2.12 (range 2 to 7) at 6 months.