Lebron jamess mother and dating

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If he's smart, which he appears to be, he won't comment on this.

If you were curious as to the state of Gloria James' dating life, today is your lucky day.

Lambo has reportedly been dating Gloria James for about a year ...

and he's already referring to her as his "wifey" on Instagram. posting pics in private jets, boats and expensive-looking resorts ...

so they had a falling out -- and now, the beef has spilled over to social media.

"The last time this clown [Flo Rida] had a lil swagger in him is when I was on the label and he was stealing my sh*t," Lambo said. he also said Flo is a "clown" who "can't dress" -- and to make his point, he posted this pic (see below).

With his unique combination of size, athleticism and court vision, he became one of the premier players in the NBA for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After leading the Miami Heat to titles in 20, he returned to Cleveland and helped the franchise claim its first championship in 2016.

Lambo claims he and Flo were once on the same record label (Poe Boy Records) but Flo was "stealing my sh*t" ... Le Bron James and the Cavaliers look to take the lead at home in Cleveland against the Golden State Warriors in Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Tuesday night.Le Bron James became an immediate star after skipping college to join the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers. In fact, Le Bron posed for a pic with his mom's BF -- a rapper known as Da Real Lambo -- after the Cavs beat the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday. and apparently, the NBA star is totally cool with it.

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Even though Gloria James is now married to a rapper 13 years younger than her, Le Bron and Lambo apparently get along just fine.

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